Blood Money featuring FBI agent Sarah James will keep you riveted until its final page. The action ignites with Sarah at the altar marrying the one man who helped her overcome her tumultuous past. The unthinkable happens during the ceremony and a devastated Sarah seeks vengeance. As this fast paced thriller evolves, Sarah ignores a directive from her beloved FBI and launches a manhunt of her own.

The search leads her from Coastal Georgia to Atlanta where she tangles with ex-cons, follows leads from a mob connection, and dodges bullets on the city's streets.

The trail is littered with bodies and Sarah knows the next victim will be someone close and personal if she doesn't stop the killer. When their paths finally collide, an unexpected turn of events forces Sarah to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life, threatening the inner fabric of her beliefs.

April 1, 2010

Blood Money
ISBN# 978-1-934666-60-9
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Blood Money... is the sequel to Righteous Kill!

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